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This is the Void.

A website hosted by Neocities made with HTML with a goal to inspire and create a world. Other than writing, I make stuff that others can use on their pages, like buttons, for free. And while we are not doing that, I improve our website, make pages, add stuff, and learn. This website is only made by one person (thats me), that manages this page day to day. I dont call myself a master writer, or artist, or website maker, I just do stuff I like and I like people watching it grow.


3/9/2021 - First Supporter!

Have the Void on your Website

If you would like to show our website on your page, show your Void pride, or maybe just make a website about us (if you want to do that), then feel free to use our tags! Theres a few to choose from, but if you want to just use one, thats all okay. Have fun!

I dont really use this anymore, if you want, sure, go ahead and use it.

old tag
Main Button
This is the most recommended, has a little outline for the fun for it.

main tag
Deco Buttons
If you prefer quality, these buttons have designs.

Want a more animated button? Here is some gifs!
voidland GIFglitch