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Indifferenace (also known as the "Black Goo" by local miners) is a anomalous, slimy, black goop.

When Indifferenace is touched by an human (or rather, the surface of anything living) it will start overtaking the skin of the living until the fully submerges said victim, until collapsing back on the ground, docile.

Indifferenace is mostly used by miners and scientists. Even with it's hostile agression with anything living, it has use for forming, destroying rare and unknown materials due to it's destabilization. This can be triggered by extreme heat, extreme cold, and general decay.

All explorers should follow cautionary instructions to avoid risk of death or injury. It is strongly recommended to wear protective gear, air filters, and other anti Indifferenace gear.

If victim comes in contact with Indifferenace, stay away, do not help the victim at all costs.